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Ken Strickland, Professional Forester

    “As a professional forester, I see the work of many loggers. When I decided to have my own property harvested, the decision was easy. I chose Wayne Tripp.”   - Ken Strickland,…

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Brendan & Katia Holmes, Misty Brook Organic Farm

"As farmers, we plan to manage our land sustainably. On one section, we wanted to clear 22 acres for pasture and do an improvement  cut on the remaining 70 acres of woodland.  We searched for a qualified logger and Wayne Tripp was recommended.…

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Mike Banks, Cabinetmaker, Morrill Millworks

  "I never needed to advertise my business because I built it on integrity and customer satisfaction. Wayne’s work speaks for him the same way mine does for me, and that’s why I chose him…

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Dana and Suzanne Southworth, Educators

  "Credentials are important to us, so when we began building our new home n the woods, we chose Certified Master Logger Wayne Tripp to harvest our property. His work improved the habitat for …

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Bill and Laurie Dawson, Farmers & Landowners

  “We have always practiced restorative forest management on our historic organic farm.  We wanted to find a woodcutter who practiced wood harvesting techniques that enhance forest regeneration.  We’d heard…

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Bruce and Ben Laukka, General Contractors; Bruce Laukka, Inc.

"When we decided to have a woodlot in the family trust harvested, we talked with a professional forester we know. He recommended Wayne Tripp, so we asked Wayne to do the work. We were so pleased with the results that we had Wayne cut another…

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Donna L. Nason, Property Owner

“When I began to consider a harvest of my woodland, I called Wayne Tripp. I knew of his work and his reputation for honesty and his respect for the land. He followed my wishes to the letter and treated my property as if it were his own. The…

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Ralph Stanley, Painting Contractor

“I want to thank you for your hard work in getting the job done on the tree harvest across from me on the Bluff Road. Glad to see cold weather and solid ground worked out. I would love to have seen you folks cut the old growth on my…

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