Walter & Sharon Donaldson

"My wife, Sharon, and I had long hoped to re-locate to Maine.  After searching for over ten years for just the right property, that dream became possible when we acquired a wonderful piece of land in the mid-coast area.  We stumbled upon 50-plus acres that had been well managed for many years and would provide us an immediate vacation location, but more importantly, a beautiful location to build a retirement home that could be developed to support the multiple outdoor activities we enjoy.  Because the woodland had not been harvested for many years, we looked for a knowledgeable, professional, ethical logger.  As proud members of Maine Woodland Owners Association, we found that W.C. Tripp Forest Products had provided education on ethical harvesting to MWO.  After further review, we were advised by close friends that W.C. Tripp was the high quality logger that we were looking for.

We met with Wayne Tripp, who educated us on quality harvesting and walked us through the entire process.  We retained Mr. Tripp and he waited for the right weather conditions in order to protect our land during the cut.  He and his crew harvested our timber not only in accord with our concepts, but also in strict compliance with the laws and regulations of the State of Maine.  His harvest was clean; his work was timely and complete; and our profit will advance the remainder of our plans to continue the improvements to our property.

Wayne proved honest, pleasant, genuinely easy to work with, always respectful of our property, and committed to our satisfaction as landowners.  Because of our excellent experience with him, we have decided to engage Wayne and his brother, Mike, at Tripp Brothers Construction, to pursue the next level of development for our property.   We look forward to the continued professionalism and quality of work for our new projects.

 We heartily endorse and recommend W.C. Tripp Forest Products for any and all woodland projects."

- Walter & Sharon Donaldson

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