• Delivering Timber Mats

    Delivering Timber Mats

  • Placing Timber Mats

    Placing Timber Mats

  • Protecting Hay Field

    Protecting Hay Field

  • Conclusion


Our Commitment

Accessing the woodlot pictured above required crossing the landowner’s hayfield.  Timber matts protected this valuable resource from potential damage.  After the harvest, chipping the woodyard, removing the matts, and re-seeding completed the project.

At W.C. Tripp Forest Products, we are professional loggers. We love what we do, and we take immense pride in doing it.  In our harvest practices, we go above and beyond industry standards.  We are committed to excellence, and we will settle for nothing less.  When necessary, we will sacrifice our own resources to achieve that excellence.

Because the earth is our home and sustains us, we must respect and protect it. As we harvest the garden which is your forest, we will:
  • Surpass all harvest regulations prescribed by Maine Laws
  • Follow all safety procedures
  • Safeguard water quality
  • Maintain soil productivity
  • Enhance a regeneration of species for subsequent harvests
  • Improve timber stands to promote healthy and productive forests
  • Manage for your choices of recreational activities
  • Enhance wildlife habitat and property aesthetics
  • Deliver the greatest profits for you, now and in the future

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