Allan F. Gordon, Jr., PLS

"During the course of my thirty plus years as a licensed professional land surveyor I have marked countless miles of woodland property boundaries. While performing my field work I have witnessed the aftermath of people who call themselves logging contractors. They cut inappropriately and haphazardly, leaving debris fields of limbs and tree stems that are difficult, or even impossible, to walk through. In addition, their operations leave behind deeply rutted haul roads, disrupted streambeds, and a general eyesore.

When I made arrangements to have my mother's timber harvested, I chose a true professional logger, Wayne Tripp. I have walked several of Wayne's harvests, including on his own land, and he did a first rate job. Woodlots that Wayne has harvested  resemble parks. Downed unmarketable timber and slash are chipped at the completion of the harvest and sold as biomass to local mills. His harvests improve timber stands, promote healthy re-generation, and improve wildlife habitat. He produces maximum revenue for property owners, now and for the future. In fact, the quality of Wayne's work has earned him Master Logger Certification by the Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands.

Because of my awareness of, and attention paid, to property boundaries, I particularly appreciate Wayne's respect of boundaries of not only the property owner he works for, but the neighbors, as well. For me, and for the landowners I know and represent, Wayne Tripp is the only choice."

- Allan F. Gordon, Jr., PLS

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