Dan Rich, Property Owner

"My 105-acre woodlot in Searsport was lightly harvested by my father in the 1970’s, but then left to languish for 45+ years.

During that period I observed several surrounding lots being improperly select-cut or clear-cut by indiscriminate loggers that left the land stripped, devastated, and devalued, leading me to be extremely cautious in choosing a harvester for my lot.  I learned of Wayne Tripp’s business and his solid reputation as a professional logger and decided to contact him to discuss a plan of action and a harvest contract.

We met at the lot mid-winter, and he listened to my concerns and desired vision for the end result, after which he explained in great detail what the operation would entail and what I should expect for a timeline and outcome.  He impressed me as being extremely knowledgeable, amicable, and forthright – and, at the end of the meeting, there was no question in my mind I had made the correct decision.

Ultimately, Wayne’s operation left my forest clean, healthy, and regenerating appropriate to the species and variable terrain.  He completed the work I wanted done in a timely, professional manner; he respected my property; and he produced a reasonable profit for me in the process.  Thanks to W. C. Tripp, for the first time in my life, I’m able to access and walk the entire lot, knowing that I no longer have to worry about its future viability and value."

- Dan Rich

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