Michael Comer, Landowner

"In 2021 and 2022 Wayne Tripp did a timber harvest on my land in Jackson.  The job included about a forty acre clearcut and another approximately 25 acre selective cut.  I own about 200 acres here and am myself a graduate of the UNH Forest Management Program.

My wife and I never intended to do a harvest on this land, but to leave the forest to posterity.  However, the view we had when we bought the place 40+ years ago eventually succumbed to the regrowth of a standard mixed hardwood and softwood forest.

More than anything I was afraid of the damage a typical harvest does to the land.  So after finally deciding to take the step we hired Ken Strickland, consulting forester from Searsport, to lay out the cut and contract with a harvester.  Ken recommended Wayne, and together they laid out a harvest plan and the execution followed.

I have nothing but good things to say about everyone involved.  Ken convinced me I could trust Wayne with my land.  All Wayne’s people were diligent, professional, considerate and friendly.  And Wayne convinced me he was the professional Ken assured me he was.

The clearcut was superbly done.  They preserved the elms and the apples I have been selecting from across my property.  And they left no slash at all.  This fall I will be planting oaks and other assorted hardwoods across the harvest site.  It’s a beautiful site, ready for replanting.

Thanks Ken, Wayne, and your crew for a job well done"

- Michael Comer, Landowner

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